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Kumi kata - Grip techniques

Khabarelli grip

Grip positions:
  • Tori´s right hand
Uke's back or belt (over Uke's shoulder)
  • Tori´s left hand
Uke's right leg (mid-thigh)

The height of the grips can be adjusted individually to the technique or the preference of the Judoka. This information refers to the standard grip technique.

This grip technique has been named after Shota Khabarelli (Olympic champion -78 kg of Moscow 1980) the same name as well as the throwing technique. The Khabarelli Throw has come from the Sambo. Sambo has its roots in the Japanese Judo/Jiu-Jitsu as well as in traditional martial arts and wrestling styles from Europe.

TORI grips with his right arm over UKE's right shoulder into his belt or jacket. The left hand of TORI grips UKE's trousers to his right thigh. It is very important to have a close physical contact between TORI and UKE.

This grip technique is not exclusively for the purposes of the Khabarelli Throw, also other Hand throws, or lifter can perform well with this grip. Hip throws are also possible in a modification of their normal form.

However, under the new rules of the IJF (International Judo Federation) "leg grabber" only be used as a counter or in a direct combination.