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The judo principles

According to Jigoro Kano Judo the principle is determined by "the best to use the energy is to use in attack and defense and thus to make it to the actual training object". To estimate the situation correctly is a key feature.

"Judo is a principle: the training, the fight is just a way to realize this principle."

Citation Jigoro Kano

JU (gently) is more than just a synonym for "give in to win", it also represents the uninhibited and relaxed attitude of the judoka. The higher the degree in judo, the clearer it becomes that the meaning and purpose of martial arts is not really fighting, but to live in harmony; with yourself and the world around.

Jigoro Kano introduced the practice, training and application of judo techniques under the shield of two principles:

  • Sei ryoku zen yo - The technical and tactical principle
  • Ji ta kyo ei - The ethical principle