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Shintai - Movement

The movement of the body is in all Budo sports crucial to the success of a technology.

Tai sabaki refers to an upright body rotation in the Budo sport, including judo, to initiate a possible attack. TORI turns his body upright against UKE, so that his back is ultimately against UKE's front. In karate, as well as in Ju jitsu, it is most often used in conjunction with a block technique or evasive technique and a subsequent counter attack while in aikido analogous to judo, it is used for the preparation of a throwing technique. The Background of Tai sabaki is, to dodge the opponent or to aggravate the dodge of him, without allowing him to increase the distance to each other for a other attack.

Basically the following turn in variations are used at Judo (Throwing inputs):

Which input is the best for a throwing technique, you can not make as a sweeping statement. Many external events affect the type of input within the competition; pulls or pushes the opponent, is he larger or smaller, the direction of movement, and many more.

Closely associated with the input techniques are the motion shapes of the body at changing position, or quite simply, the way of walking. Distinction is made here by Tsugi ashi and Ayumi ashi.