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Kawaishi Judotechniques

This website is aimed to all children, judointerested people, trainers, champion and amateur athletes. It will give an overview of basic and advanced judo techniques. You should remenber the techniques shown at this site can not replace the trainer.

The techniques shown here are reproduced in the form and describe how they are desired by the BDJJ in the Kaiwaishi system for examination. This does not mean that other variants (eg, Kano system) of the appropriate technique ara "false". First and foremost, it is importent that the pupils and students have recognized the principle of the technique.

If you are interested in Kawaishi system and the examination regulations of the BDJJ visited our website (budo-neu-zittau.de) or the website of the BDJJ (www.bdjj.de).

"Judo systems -rules or -techniques are not wrong or right, only different. The basic idea and the mind is always the same - merely the putting into action is practised on different manner and ways."