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Nage waza - throwing techniques

The throwing techniques shown here relate to the teaching system of Mikinosuke Kawaishi (1899-1969). The classification also takes place as in the classical Gokyo-no-kaisetsu of the Kodokan into 5 groups, however, with a total of 60 throwing techniques. Mikinosuke Kawaishi has numbered his techniques according to the groups.

The information of the belt colors refers to the examination regulations of the IBF (International Budo Federation Deutschland e.V.) and are in accordance with the above numbering. All techniques are demonstrated at the examination without moveing, there is therefore no use of UKE's movement in the execution of a throw.

Übersicht der Wurftechniken

Ashi waza Koshi waza Kata waza
1. O soto gari 1. Uki goshi 1. Kata seoi
2. De ashi barai 2. Kubi nage 2. Seoi nage
3. Hiza guruma 3. Tsuri goshi 3. Kata guruma
4. Ko soto gake 4. Koshi guruma 4. Seoi otoshi
5. O uchi gari 5. Harai goshi 5. Hidari kata seoi
6. Ko uchi gari 6. Hane goshi 6. Seoi age
7. Okuri ashi barai 7. Ushiro goshi
8. O soto guruma 8. Tsuri komi goshi
9. O soto otoshi 9. Utsuri goshi
10. Ko soto gari 10. Uchi mata
11. Sasae tsuri komi ashi 11. O goshi
12. Harai tsuri komi ashi 12. Ko tsuri goshi
13. Soto gake 13. O guruma
14. Ko uchi maki komi 14. Yama Arashi
15. Ashi guruma 15. Obi goshi
Te waza Sutemi waza
1. Tai otoshi 1. Tomoe nage
2. Uki otoshi 2. Yoko tomoe nage
3. Hizi otoshi 3. Maki tomoe
4. Sukui nage 4. Maki komi
5. Mochi age otoshi 5. Yoko gake
6. Sumi otoshi 6. Tani otoshi
7. Obi otoshi 7. Sumi gaeshi
8. Kata ashi dori 8. Uki waza
9. Rio ashi dori 9. Kani basami
10. Yoko otoshi
11. Hane maki komi
12. Ura nage
13. Yoko guruma
14. Yoko wakare
15. Tawara gaeshi