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Kumi kata - Grip techniques

Collar grip in Ai yotsu

Grip positions in Ai yotsu:
  • Tori´s right hand
Uke´s left collar (Collarbone)
  • Tori´s left hand
Uke´s right sleeve (mid-forearm)
  • Uke´s right hand
Tori´s left collar (Collarbone)
  • Uke´s left hand
Tori´s right sleeve (mid-forearm)

The height of the hands can be adjusted individually to the technique or the preference of the Judoka. This information refers to the standard grip technique. This grip technique can be performed both in Ai- and in Kenka yotsu.

The reverse- or collar grip is the standard gripping technique. Beginners start almost all throwing techniques (Nage waza) with this grip technique. Normally the right hand builds up pressure while the left hand pulls. With these movements, a torque is created, but the farther the hands are away from each other, least the greater is the torque to break UKE´s balance.