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Kumi kata - Grip techniques

Neck grip in Ai yotsu

Grip positions in Ai yotsu:
  • Tori´s right hand
Uke´s collar in the neck area
  • Tori´s left hand
Uke´s right sleeve (mid-forearm)

The height of the grip at UKE's sleeve can be adjusted individually to the technique or the preference of the Judoka. This information refers to the standard grip technique. This grip technique can be performed both in Ai- and in Kenka yotsu.

The Neck grip is very similar to the Revers- or Collar grip . The difference is that TORI's right hand reaches far above the collarbone of UKE, the collar on the neck. Here TORI is able to build hand a significant higher pressure for a throw with his right, because he can press his forearm or elbow flexor against the neck of UKE.

This Type of grip is ideal for smaller opponents or partners. For almost all rotation techniques (Tai sabaki) respectively throwing techniques (Nage waza) to the front this grip technique brings advantages, because the right arm of TORI are not twisted so much, while the implementation of these techniques using the normal collar grip. A typical wide grip looped around the neck is characteristic of the 2nd Hip throw, Kubi nage. Beginners, and in particular among young judoka, should take care not to grip too far around the neck of UKE, because there will be an increased risk of injury to the cervical vertebrae of UKE.