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Kumi kata - Grip techniques

Diagonal grip

  • Tori´s right hand
Uke´s collar in the Neck area
  • Tori´s left hand
Uke´s left sleeve (wrist)
  • Tori´s body
left sided from Uke

The height of the grips can be adjusted individually to the technique or the preference of the Judoka. This information refers to the standard grip technique.

The diagonal grip is partially more a technique to change between different grip techniques. TORI is grapping deep with his right hand into UKE's collar around the neck, like the technique of the Neck grip. TORI left hand prevented UKE to apply even a grip technique to TORI. TORI controls the left arm of UKE's with his left hand. This should be done as far at the end of UKE´s sleeve.

Many sacrifice throws (Sutemi waza) can be performed from this grip technique as well: Yoko sumi gaeshi, Tani otoshi and e.g. Yoko guruma to name just a few.